Creative Expression....If for no other reason, I do it because I love it. I always have and always will. It's how I define myself and it's the largest driving force in my life, occupying my waking thoughts as well as my sleeping. I've been fascinated with the creative process for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories involve daydreaming and colouring with my crayons and playing with an old polaroid camera my family owned. I began to creatively translate and filter the world around me at a very young age. Over the years, my undying fascination for the creative endeavour has led me on adventures beyond my wildest dreams. During my travels I have never lost my curiosity - my desire to explore, dream and push the limits of what I ever thought bring the unseen into the seen. I am eternally grateful for the talents and the time I have been given and I hope that my artwork strikes a chord in others. It means more to me than you can imagine that others may find inspiration, comfort or happiness in what I spend my time defining through my senses. I feel it is an incredible privilege to be able to share my creativity with others.

“Try not. Do or do not. There is no try..” – Yoda


Here is a small selection of my mixed media pieces from airbrushing to digital painting. The airbrush has been the main focus for most of my artistic explorations and will always be my go to tool. I developed an infatuation with the airbrush early in my life and am always amazed what can be achieved with it. Whether it is a digital or traditional piece, all of the pieces below have either been entirely produced with an airbrush, or at some point had one used in it’s creation.


"The only illusion is that mankind has limitations." - Robert A. Monroe



When the moment is past, it is past. There is no going back to re-live or re-experience it. Photography is, and always will be, a way for me to record those unique moments and points of perspective my life’s journey affords me. They are my postcards and stamps in time that say “I was here.” It doesn’t matter what camera, lens or processing techniques were used to arrive at the finished images. It’s being present to what is around me and creatively capturing and translating it that matters. There is no other motive. These few shots are an incredibly small fraction of moments I have chosen to share with you. The experiences and memories I take with me…..the photos I leave for you.

"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however." - Richard Bach



Jenifer LeGrand
To start Jason is one of a kind! Working with a creative soul he knows how to listen and share ideas with you. A flexible mind and kind spirit, I am thankful we were able to work and produce some amazing work.- JeniL
Jenifer LeGrand Zen LeGrand - Boca Raton, Florida

Ian Auger
The Jason Gateman I know…I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason on a few occasions. I work with ‘artists’ on a regular basis and Jason is one of the very few people I know that I would call a TRUE artist. He doesn’t ‘plan’ inspiration… it just happens. Technology doesn’t ‘get in his way’… he simply conquers it so as to serve a means to a creative end. Jason has an incredible eye for colour, an enviable instinct for composition, and an imagination that never ceases to amaze. When you look at a truly great piece of art, you somehow know you’re looking at something “different”… something ‘special’… something ‘more’… Jason Gateman’s work always has that magic ‘something’.
Ian Auger Ogeriff Studio - New Liskeard, Ontario

Andy Anderson
In our past experience in working with Jason, we have found him to meet all of our creative expectations. Not only is he a talented artist but he understands the customers needs and goals. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again for whatever our creative needs may be!
Andy Anderson Anderson Studio - Nashville, Tennessee

Devin Devasquez
Jason Gateman’s work is impeccable and he is awesome to work with. I highly recommend him!
Devin Devasquez Beverly Hills, California